Friday, 29 April 2011

Traditional Stuffs

Headshot pencil doodle done quickly in the pub 

 Sketched on train, inked with unipen fine liners, coloured with watercolour paint and colour pencils 

Done a while ago, inked with unipen fine liners, coloured with promarkers
(originally sketched using biro, and the alcohol in the markers reacted badly with the biro, so that's why there's weird random blotches of purple)

Langurhali species in last picture (c)

Papa Navy Seal Saves the Day Again!

A birthday present for a girl who is way too awesome for her own good. ;)

FMP Location Drawing - Wildwood & Vanishing World

Here are some more quick sketches done on location at Wildwood, Kent. I appologise for the bad photographic quality. The lighting in my room is pretty poor for photos of drawings.

The following were done in Vanishing World Exotic Petshop just next to Wildwood. They have some cool animals in there... but I can't help but question their ethics regarding the captivity and breeding of their animals... anyway...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

West Side Story - Fake Poster

For uni we had to choose one musical/opera from four. I chose to work on West Side Story simply because it's not something I would normally work on. It's just to happy and bouncy... and yet I stil managed to make it dark. Haha.
I decided not to focus on the rather superficial bouncy and happy side of the film/show, and more on the deeper, darker more racist and dangerous side of the film/show.

The final review of the poster with the class and my tutors went unbelievably well. I was expecting them to say something about how it's nice that I didn't go for the usual looking poster for it, but I was NOT expecting them to be so astoundingly pleased with it. they didn't say a bad thing about it and just couldn't say enough good! I simply stood there gobsmacked.

Without further ado, here's the final poster. It was printed out A2 sized for the review/crit.