Friday, 25 March 2011

FMP Location Drawing - Natural History Museum

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to the Natural History Museum to gather more research for my final major project... and boy did we get some!
I did plenty of drawings, tooks plenty of notes, managed to get around almost all of the museum and gathered loads of info on my Nature+ card for future reference.
Without further ado... I present some of the sketches I did, most of which were done in the Mammal Exhibit. My personal favourite is the sketch of the Quoll. :)

FMP Location Drawing - Richmond Park

As research for my final major project, I decided to walk up to Richmond Park which is just a short walk from where I live, and drew a lot of the wildlife that I saw there. I only really managed to draw the waterbirds and deer, though I did do a few of the jackdaws, but they ended up all smudging and looking pretty crap.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What You Deserve

Just a personal piece that I've been working on. This is actually the first proper personal piece of art I've done for a loooong time, and it feels good to finally do something for me. It's not really a vent of any emotion, even though it may look it, it's just a nice (yes, nice) piece of art for arts sake.

The character isn't anyone in particular, just a rather well toned, attractive long-haired man. ;P There's been a little cpnfusion over whether it's 2 men or not. It's actually meant to be the same guy, just in two different phases of his struggle. I was going to do three phases, but I couldn't put it in without making it look overcroweded.

This was heavily inspired by listening to NIN more or less non-stop for the last couple of weeks. haha. That band is insanely inspirational.

The brown one is my favourite one of the three I think. :)
If anyone is interested, these are available as prints on my deviantart gallery.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Self Directed Project - My Nan's House

For this terms self directed sketchbook, I spent a lot of time at my nans, drawing a lot of the clutter that sh e's collected over the years, as well as my grandparents and their cat Jess.

The following 4 images were from the dining room. The little frogs sit on top of the self above the TV, and the cats are on the shelf shown above the sofa.


This image was from the kitchen on the window sill behind the sink. There's a little waiter in the flower pot which I thought was rather odd and sweet. Pretty much sums up my nans entire house haha.

These two were from the living room which is filled with african themed ornaments, statues, masks, zebra print cushions... etc. It's pretty packed with stuff.

And finally, here's some pics of their lovely cat Jess. She's such a sweety, and actually sat still long enough for me to draw her, without moving at all. Me and my nan were both really surprisedby that.

Portrait of a Mad Man

I was going to upload some more of my location drawings... but there are hardly any that I like enough to post here, and the ones I did like didn't scan well enough, so for now it's just these two of my rather ravishing fella.

Both were done in the Penny Theatre pub in Canterbury. The first was done in continuous line without looking at the page. The seond was just continuous line. These were done while he was engrossed in texting someone. haha

Liar Liar Studio Project

At uni we had a 3 day project to create a narrative sequence of images that told a story of a lie being found out. It could be a collection of singular images, or a comic, or danything else we really wanted to do. I decided to explore a character that I've been developing for a little while. You'll know her as the mascot of this site (she's in the background image). Murphy is an anthropomorphic English Bull Terrier and often mistaken as a man, but is in fact female.

My lie that was found out was not necessarily a spoken lie, but a percieved one. The horse that enters the bar and assumes Murphy to be male feels like he's been lied to when he finds out that Murphy is in fact a girl.

The images had to be black and white or greyscale for the brief, but I will be colouring them as some point. For now, here are the versions that were submitted for marking after the 3 days. Once I've coloured them, I'll probably upload them finished here as well. These aren't very detailed simply because they had to be drawn on A5 sized pieces of paper, which really limited how much detail I could put in. As did my incredibly short time frame.