Friday, 18 March 2011

Self Directed Project - My Nan's House

For this terms self directed sketchbook, I spent a lot of time at my nans, drawing a lot of the clutter that sh e's collected over the years, as well as my grandparents and their cat Jess.

The following 4 images were from the dining room. The little frogs sit on top of the self above the TV, and the cats are on the shelf shown above the sofa.


This image was from the kitchen on the window sill behind the sink. There's a little waiter in the flower pot which I thought was rather odd and sweet. Pretty much sums up my nans entire house haha.

These two were from the living room which is filled with african themed ornaments, statues, masks, zebra print cushions... etc. It's pretty packed with stuff.

And finally, here's some pics of their lovely cat Jess. She's such a sweety, and actually sat still long enough for me to draw her, without moving at all. Me and my nan were both really surprisedby that.

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