Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What You Deserve

Just a personal piece that I've been working on. This is actually the first proper personal piece of art I've done for a loooong time, and it feels good to finally do something for me. It's not really a vent of any emotion, even though it may look it, it's just a nice (yes, nice) piece of art for arts sake.

The character isn't anyone in particular, just a rather well toned, attractive long-haired man. ;P There's been a little cpnfusion over whether it's 2 men or not. It's actually meant to be the same guy, just in two different phases of his struggle. I was going to do three phases, but I couldn't put it in without making it look overcroweded.

This was heavily inspired by listening to NIN more or less non-stop for the last couple of weeks. haha. That band is insanely inspirational.

The brown one is my favourite one of the three I think. :)
If anyone is interested, these are available as prints on my deviantart gallery.

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